Stevie B

Stevie B
Stevie B (real name Steven Bernard Hill) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who was highly influential in the Latin freestyle and High-Energy, mostly from Miami dance music scene of the late 1980s. Also known as the King of Freestyle, Stevie B is perhaps best-known for his 1990 number-one hit “Because I Love You (The Postman Song).”


Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Stevie B worked a variety of jobs–from car washing to fast food–before gaining recognition for his 1987 national club smash “Party Your Body”. It was also the title track of his 1988 debut LP, which eventually went gold. In 1989, he had his first top 40 hits with “I Wanna Be the One,” “In My Eyes,” and “Love Me For Life.” With his 1990 album, Love & Emotion, he reached the height of his success, with the accompanying single “Because I Love You” enjoying four weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in December of 1990. He had two subsequent top 15 hits with “I’ll Be by Your Side” and the title cut. In 1998, The Best of Stevie B was released, highlighting the light dance-pop sound that marked the start of his career.

In 2007, Stevie B and rapper Pitbull did a remake of his hit song “Spring Love” titled “Spring Love 2007”. His latest collaboration is with newcomer The Chili Guy on hit singles “A Million Eights” and “See You In Court”. The Chili Guy is perhaps best known from his appearances on the popular morning drive radio program “Toucher and Rich” (heard locally in Boston on 104.1 WBCN).

Stevie B continues to tour extensively and in July 2008 has released “Get The Party Started”, a medium-tempo track that casts the artist in a contemporary light some 20 years after hitting the charts for the first time.


Studio albums

* 1988: Party Your Body
* 1988: In My Eyes
* 1990: Love & Emotion
* 1992: Healing
* 1994: Funky Melody
* 1996: Waiting For Your Love
* 1998: Right Here, Right Now!
* 1999: Freestyle Then And Now!
* 2001: It’s So Good
* 2006: This Time…
* 2009: The Terminator

Compilation albums

* 1991: Best Of Stevie B
* 1992: Best Of Stevie B (Different Tracklist)
* 1993: The Best Of Stevie B (Brazil Edition)
* 1996: Finally
* 1997: Hit Collection
* 1998: Best Of Stevie B (Reissued)
* 2004: The Greatest Hits
* 2004: The Greatest Hits Volume 2
* 2005: The World Of Stevie B
* 2008: Greatest Freestyle Ballads
* 2008: Karaokee Richi Night (Chili Album)
* 2009: B-Sides And Outtakes

Chart singles

sources: U.S.: Billboard Hot 100, U.S. Dance: Hot Dance Club Play

* 1987 “Party Your Body” (#40 U.S. Dance)
* 1988 “Dreamin’ of Love” (#80 U.S., #21 U.S. Dance)
* 1988 “Spring Love (Come Back to Me)” (#43 U.S., #5 U.S. Dance)
* 1989 “I Wanna Be the One” (#32 U.S., #39 U.S. Dance)
* 1989 “In My Eyes” (#37 U.S., #21 U.S. Dance)
* 1989 “Girl I Am Searching for You” (#56 U.S.)
* 1990 “Love Me for Life” (#29 U.S.)
* 1990 “Love & Emotion” (#15 U.S., #43 U.S. Dance)
* 1990 “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)” (#1 U.S.)
* 1991 “I’ll Be By Your Side” (#12 U.S.)
* 1991 “Forever More” (#96 U.S.)
* 1994 “Funky Melody” (#29 U.S.)
* 1995 “Dream About You” (#29 U.S.)
* 1995 “Girl Right There” (#23 U.S.)
* 1995 “If You Still Love me”
* 1997 “Summer Nights”
* 1998 “If You Still Love me” With Alexia Phillips
* 1999 “It’s so Good”
* 2008 “Running For Miles”
* 2008 “Get The Party Started”
* 2008 “A Million Eights” With The Chili Guy
* 2008 “See You in Court” With The Chili Guy
* 2009 “It Ain’t Over”
* 2009 “Different Kind Of Love”
* 2010 “Wayne from Waterloo

Stevie B

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