Nayobe Catalina Gomez was born in 1968 in Brooklyn, New York to Afro-Cuban parents.


In the early part of 1985 Nayobe became the first Latin American female to record a Freestyle song called “Please Don’t Go” which was produced by Andy Panda. Nayobe’s other hits include “Guess I Fell In Love”, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait,” “Second Chance For Love” and “Promise Me.” Her sophomore album, “Promise Me” took her into a more Urban contemporary & New jack swing direction with production by Teddy Riely. Nayobe returned with fourth self-titled Salsa album in 1999. Nayobe continues to be active by touring and singing her hit songs with to adoring crowds.


* Please Don’t Go 1986
* Promise Me 1991
* Nayobe 1999


* “Please Don’t Go” 1984
* “School Girl Crush” 1985
* “No Te Vayas” 1985
* “Good Things Come To Those Wait” 1986
* “Second Chance For Love” 1987
* “It’s Too Late” 1988
* “Guess I Feel In Me”
* “I’ll Be Around”
* “I Love The Way You Love Me” 1990
* “Promise Me” 1990
* “It’s Too Late”
* “Let’s Party (We Can Dance, We Can Fly)”
* “Una Como Loba”
* “Make It Real”


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