Lil’ Suzy

Lil Suzy

Suzanne Casale better known as Lil’ Suzy (born March 1, 1979, Brooklyn, New York) is a half Italian, half Puerto Rican American Latin freestyle, pop-, and dance-music singer.


Lil’ Suzy is regarded as one of the top freestyle singers and was best known for the club hit “Take Me in Your Arms,” which charted at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 and was named Billboard magazine’s Best New Dance Artist that year.

Some of her other songs include

* Falling in Love
* Turn the Beat Around
* Promise Me (1994, #62)
* Now and Forever
* When I Fall in Love
* Just Can’t Get over You
* Can’t Get You out of My Mind (1997, #79)
* Memories (1998)
* I Still Love You (1998, #94)
* You’re the Only One
* Dance Tonight (2009) (Digital Release)

In 2002, she released a Greatest Hits album that included rerecorded versions of most of these songs.

In the past, Lil Suzy toured with Lisette Melendez and Angel Clivillés, the original lead singer of The Cover Girls. The trio performs as S.A.L.

Lil Suzy

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